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Enjoy creating in a fast way the registration of your Gmail Accounts!
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Jiffy Gmail Creator

Everybody knows that Gmail Accounts works really good! every day their server offers you more and more space and "room" in the web site!, so, sometimes we have to use this technology more and more!. Well according to these fabulous features, companies, people in general require these needs more often.
This good software to save a lot of time registering and adding new accounts to Gmail Server. There is a demo program available , where you can see and practice its features. You can create in a very simple way a single account selecting your options as needed or if you want more than one account, you can also create them. This Jiffy Gmail Creator will help you save time creating accounts. Sometimes we need this kind of tools when we want to avoid all the steps you have to fill to create a Gmail account. Companies, for example, require (when they use it), create several accounts at once, with this software you can detail how many accounts you want to create and each new account will be created at once!. So, let’s save some time in our daily life and enjoy these tools!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Good tool if you need more than one new Gmail accounts registration


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